Vancouver Editorial Photographer - Andrea Fernandez

the weight of these things

Comforts, presences and routines get imprinted in our minds with time and constancy.  When these change suddenly we are left floating, lacking our safety net of certainty.  We no longer feel protected by these assumptions that go unnoticed for being familiar.  It is almost like being suspended without knowing how to move on.

This body of work aims to explore the ideas of emptiness and familiarity, of loss and remembrance.  Contradictory at first, these concepts encounter each other in our lives, sometimes clashing and sometimes blending.  As with memory, spaces are built from layers of meaning and situations, both real and fictional, that seem to cling on to these surfaces. 

This project is an exploration of memory, family and space, and the way in which these relate to each other.  Those places that are significant to our family histories carry memories, which in turn make them so relevant; so what happens when their function is halted, when their original purpose is no more?  This work investigates the fragility of these spaces, of everyday family life and of memories; how these behave in very much the same way, constituting an identity which is ephemeral but timeless at the same time.